Taps/ Brassware

Bathroom taps are an important part of your new bathroom design and some time should be taken when choosing them. Our experienced bathroom designer will be only too happy to provide you with the necessary advice to help you decide upon which taps to choose from our extensive bath and basin range.

Bathroom taps come in many wonderful shapes and sizes and can be categorised into just two main types which are either individual or mixer.

Individual taps are normally installed in bathrooms in which the owner is trying to create a timeless look and can look amazing when combined with matching period ceramics such as your basin and bath. Modern style individual taps are also available though and may be required should the water pressure within the property be on the low side.

Needless to say, the more popular bathroom taps that are installed in bathrooms today happen to be the mixer style and are available in a wider range of styles than individual taps. Mixer taps are available with screw down style knobs however those with a lever action are the most popular and are simple to use which is ideal for those affected with arthritis for example.

All taps supplied by DHI come with a two year manufacturers warranty.

Positioning of your new bath taps often depend on the bath style. For example, a single ended, standard style bath can have the taps positioned either in the middle of the bath end or if it’s a single mixer tap then it can also be situated in one of the corners. Please note that in the case of a single end bath the taps must be installed at the waste end.

If a double ended bath is more your thing, where two people can bathe at the same time, the taps are designed be fitted in the centre to avoid them being in the way. With a double ended bath the bathing experience designed for two becomes a much more comfortable affair.