Showering Options

There are two basic types of showering options available for anyone who is thinking about upgrading or changing their shower type and the following considerations need to be taken into account.

If your bathroom does not already have a wall mounted shower installed, the type of shower which can be installed may depend on the type of boiler/ heating system that you currently have installed in your home.

Normally if your home has been fitted out with a combi boiler then it is cheaper and adviseable to have a mixer shower fitted. Mixer showers overall provide a suitably high pressure and invigorating showering experience without the need for an additional shower pump to be installed.

If however your home does not have a combi boiler already fitted then the option to have an electric shower fitted is probably the best option for you. In this scenario, a new high amp capacity electrical cable must be wired from your main circuit board via either a pull cord in your bathroom ceiling or a switch on the wall outside. Our electrician and designer will discuss this with you in detail and discuss options depending on the construction of your home. An upgrade circuit braker may also be required to be added.

A power shower or external shower pump can also be added to provide extra water pressure should the existing pressures be too low in order to provide true power shower performance.