Ideal Home Show

During last year’s Ideal Home Show it was clear that Dynamic Home Improvements’ stand was the envy of every other Glasgow bathroom company who exibited. The stunning Falconbrook Shoe Bath pictured was an absolute showstopper and attracted an enthusiastic crowd of curious onlookers throughout the four days of the event.

Falconbrook Shoe Bath

The very beautiful freestanding Falconbrook shoe bath certainly makes a bold statement in a larger  bathroom setting especially when installed with high quality wall tiles and modern furniture to compliment the black outer shell, swooping lines and outrageous shoe style. Measuring 2.1 meters in length by 850 mm wide the Falconbrook Shoe bath is more than large enough for even the biggest of bathers and was discounted in price from £3000 to £1499 just for the show.

It may be worth noting that if you are consideringinvesting in a freestanding bath, the installation is a fairly specialised  process. First of all you will need to make sure that the 40 mm waste pipe can be accommodated under your bathroom floor by lifting the boards and taking a look. Accepting the new waste pipe may require several floor joists to be breached (drilled and notched) and possibly strengthened afterwards to be able to accept the new plumbing. The hot and cold feeds for the freestanding taps may also need to be hidden under the floor and joists drilled to accept 15 mm pipes also. Remember that the waste pipe needs to be installed with enough decline to allow the water to drain naturally and completely and also make sure that your boiler is capable of filling a bath of this size.

A complex plumbing project like this is best left to professionals who have previous experience of freestanding bath installation procedures. Should you require specialist installation advice on anything bathroom related or if you are interested in ordering a Falconbrook shoe bath contact us on 01698 300820 and one of our trained advisors will be happy to assist you.

Falconbrook Shoe Bath