Ceiling Options

Our vastly experienced bathroom installers are familiar with all types of home construction and their expertise is often called for when constructing a new ceiling. Whether it’s a PVC panel type construction you desire or perhaps you would prefer to flatten your 1980’s artex by plastering and painting, our expert professionals are 100% guaranteed to turn your old style ceiling into something beautiful and modern that you will love.

When our bathroom installation team install new ceiling panels, they will usually need to install a wooden frame first, in order to support the new panels. Although this frame reduces the overall room height by around 85mm, it also provides a cavity in which to hide the electrical cable for the downlights.

These types of bathroom ceiling panels have become extremely popular recently and a comprehensive range of colours and textures are currently available to compliment most tiled walls. Presently you can chose from 11 different colours including Pastel Grey, White Sparkle High Gloss and even Red for the more adventurous individual and once installed you never need to paint your bathroom ceiling again.