Baths Basins And W/C’s

The most popular type of bath that we install nowadays are ones which are constructed in acrylic and fibreglass composite which are extremely lightweight which allows for much easier and therefore less costly instalation than the old fashioned cast iron types although they are strong and durable and heat up faster than pressed steel options.

Since these lightweight materials can be moulded into almost any shape  during the manufacturing process there are many styles and shapes available for the consumer although some people do still prefer to have pressed steel baths due to their superior strength and ability to withstand heavy accidental impacts which can sometimes occur in the bathroom.

Whirlpool baths are also a popular option for those who wish to indulge in their own spa style experience in the comfort of their own home. Whirlpool options can be factory fitted to almost any acrylic bath of your choice when ordering your new bathroom and require a 240 volt electrical supply to allow the pump to function. Our instalation team are experts in comissioning Whirlpool baths.

And as an additional option a soothing chromatherapy light option can also be factory ordered for you. Please ask our designer about Chromatherapy when planning your new bathroom.

Today’s modern W/C’s are now offered in a delightful range of shapes and styles to suit your taste which include modern eco-friendly push button  flush systems with soft close seats. The modern WC is normally matched to the particular basin and bath style.

Basins too come in many shapes and sizes with options available to include storage and facilities to hang towels on.

The basic, cheapest and most populat basin is the full pedestal type which as the name suggests, sits on top of a floor standing pedestal whilst being firmly fixed to the wall. The pedestal also hides the hot and cold water feeds as well as the waste pipe.

A semi pedestal basin is another popular option. The semi pedestal only serves to hide the pipes whilst a special frame is fitted within the wall construction in order to provide the basin’s support.

Countertop basins are another desireable option which as the name suggests, the basin is simply mounted on top of a worktop, usually as part of  a vanity unit or run of furniture.

Vanity units often have semi-recessed basins and are an extremely cost effective way to store everyday bathroom items, leaving your bathroom clutter free.